Monday, August 13, 2007

Minimalist Desktop

Desktop ni Dennis..ganda ba?Is your desktop still a mess and full of icons/eyesore? I am a minimalist and I like the look and feel of a Mac OS but can't just leave PC for many reasons. All I have in my desktop is a nice taskbar and my favorite widgets - one that monitors my cpu and the other my battery. All the apps I used here are free.. want to try?
  1. Remove all the icons! Don't worry, you can still easily access them by clicking the start button or through the Windows Explorer (right-click the start button). Your favorite apps can also be accessed through your new taskbar (I will explain next). I used TweakUI to hide the recycle bin icon.
  2. Download ObjectDock (free version) to replace your old and boring taskbar. Customize it by adding your favorite apps into it. Under the "General" tab, check the following: "Load the ObjectDock at startup" and "Hide the Windows Taskbar". It doesn't make sense keeping both the Windows and ObjectDock taskbars. I actually set my ObjectDock to autohide, I just show it for you to see.
  3. Add the Yahoo Widgets. Just visit their site and you can pick whatever you want. Just don't clutter again your desktop with widgets.. not more than five (My Rule!).
  4. Change your Wallpaper with something different. I got mine from I love their wallpapers.
  5. Keep customizing according to your taste, play with it and release the creativity within youself. Cheers!!
My other computer.. do you like Naruto ?!
Minimalist DesktopKita mo Chikka icon ko? tsika tayo.


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