Sunday, August 5, 2007

How to download videos from tv-links

Some have trouble downloading DivX videos from tv-links. Last night I tried my luck and I actually copied an episode of "Fawlty Towers", a DivX video. At first I don't have a DivX plug-in so I downloaded just the player and web player components from this site (stage6)
actual na screenshot ng DivX download setup
After downloading it, I just played the DivX video in embedded mode then use DownloadHelper (a firefox extension). If the video plays in a small window, just right click the window and select "embedded mode" or just click the exit button. You cannot copy if it plays in "windowed mode" or plays in a separate small window. Now I can see the DownloadHelper icon gets animated, click it.. and VOILA! I got the video and watch it in my DivX Player (you cannot view it without this player).
If it is just a flash video, walang problema, just click the DownloadHelper icon and enjoy. Try it and have fun!



Anonymous said...

thanks! in works for me.

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Anonymous said...

I have the problem that it doesn`t show me an option for embedded mode
I only have full screen and window as options

akosidnis said...

ok, tv-links and divx were dead. check

tv links said...

Thanks for this information it will help me loads